CLASS DESCRIPTIONS - All classes run approximately 55 minutes (unless otherwise noted)

LES MILLS BODYPUMP – The original barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. Instructors will coach you through the scientifically proven moves and techniques pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music – helping you achieve much more than on your own! You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, ready to come back for more.

LES MILLS BODYSTEP – Basic stepping, just like walking up and down stairs, is at the heart of BODYSTEP™ – a full-body cardio workout to really tone your butt and thighs. In a BODYSTEP workout you can expect a mixture of upbeat, rhythmic stepping, with squat and lunge patterns to work the legs. Combine this with movements like burpees, pushups and weight plate exercises, and the result is a fun, uplifting, full-body workout! Don’t worry, there’s heaps of options so that everyone leaves feeling successful.

P90X – Cardio, challenging resistance training, explosive plyometrics, flexibility and stability. Intense workouts that, using the science of muscle confusion, constantly switch things up to help you bust through your plateaus.

Pound – A 45-minute group fitness class that combines cardio, strength training and Pilates with drumming to achieve a full-body workout. Using lightly weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™, participants can expect to burn between 500-900 calories per class and will be performing over 15,000 reps per session!

Pound/Core – Your favorite Pound workout with added core moves.

Cycle – This is your ride! In 50 minutes, experience flats, hills, jumps and much more in this indoor cycling workout.

TRX – Born in the Navy SEALs, suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete 100s of exercises.

Yoga – Equal part activity and restoration, work through traditional vinyasa yoga poses aimed to develop strength, flexibility, and a mind-body connection.

Zumba – Mix of low and high intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning fitness dance party.

ALL classes require a sign up on the Zoo app.
You can sign up on the app or call the gym during staffed hours and we can sign you up.
Sign-ups are allowed 48 hours prior to each class.
Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of each class; arriving after this time will result in a possible loss of a spot.
Enjoy your classes!
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