Kids Place Babysitting Room in Simsbury


The Kids Place offers a safe and fun location for your kids to play in while you enjoy a little "me" time in the gym or taking a fitness class. Children are supervised by First Aid/CPR/AED certified babysitters with previous professional experience.

Open Monday through Saturday 9am - 11am

We understand that parents need time to work out, but can't always get time away without the kiddos. Bring the kids to play in our Kids Place while you take a little time for yourself.

We have a few simple rules:

  1. Children MUST be appropriately checked in at the front desk before entering the facility, and then checked out in the same manner.

  2. Children must be 18 months or older.

  3. Parents must remain in the Zoo at all times while their children are checked in.

  4. Each child is limited to 2 hours a day in the Kids Place. We love them, but they just might go stir crazy.

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